3 Things to Understand About Your HVAC System

hvac system

The HVAC system is really the heart of your Conroe, Texas, home. Without it, you wouldn’t have the comfort that we all often take for granted. Since HVAC systems are so important, it’s vital to understand how they work, and what you can do to take good care of your system. Here are three things to understand about your HVAC system.

How They Work

HVAC systems often consist of a combination of an air conditioning unit and a heater or furnace (although they can be separated. Those are called split-systems). In a nutshell, using fans, the system produces air that is then blown over either a refrigerant filled coil that cools the air (in the case of an air conditioner) or through a heat exchanger that heats the air (in the case of a furnace). This air is then passed through a duct system and distributed throughout your home.


HVAC systems aren’t invincible. Over time, these systems begin to deteriorate just like anything else. It’s possible for leaks to form in duct systems, cracks and other damage to appear on components, and filters to get clogged. Because of this inevitability, it is vital to conduct routine preventive maintenance on your HVAC system. Some things, like changing an air filter once a month, can be done yourself, but other things should be left to the professionals.


Well-kept HVAC systems can be expected to operate efficiently for about 15-20 years. After that point, it’s important to consider upgrading your HVAC system and having a more up-to-date system installed. These upgraded systems contain the most recent technology (programmable thermostats, air purifiers, better components and filters, etc.) and will operate at a much greater efficiency. These upgrades end up being well worth the cost to install them.

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