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Did you know that a person spends approximately 90% of their life indoors and 70% of it at home? This makes the indoor air quality crucial for healthy living. If you want to stay healthy, rejuvenated and comfortable at home, the quality of air should never be compromised. Here are four air quality solutions for your home.

Carrier Humidifiers
Carrier humidifiers improve the quality of air in your home by keeping the level of moisture between the recommended 30% and 45%. When the humidity falls below 30%, the danger of skin dryness and nasal irritation looms. It can be terrible for the asthmatic, allergic or people with a cold.
On the other hand, if the levels go beyond 50% it damages surfaces and promotes the growth of allergens. If not well cleaned and maintained, humidifiers can also be a means of introducing bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms in the air.

Advanced Ventilators
Airtight home residents tend to suffer from poor air quality because they lack fresh air and dirty air inside doesn’t escape. Ventilators play this vital role of introducing fresh air and expelling polluted air.
The most suitable ventilation for your home is one that is mechanical, piped or ducted and the whole house systemized for a continuous stream of filtered air and removing interior air. The excellent ventilation system should have the following features:
•    Air filtration system
•    Air preconditioning
•    Booster fans

Ultraviolet Lamps
Ultraviolet air purifiers are a state of the art tech designed solely for improving air quality by destroying harmful bacteria and microorganisms present in the air. With or without filters, the lamps produce ultraviolet rays which incinerate pathogens passing through.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Your air quality should be not only fresh but also safe. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous colorless and odorless gas capable of causing death when inhaled. Most appliances can produce the gas making it dangerous at home. Carbon monoxide alarms keep your home safe by detecting the amount of CO in the air.

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