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Today’s homeowners that need to upgrade their heating systems are on the lookout for the most efficient technology. Heating and cooling products currently on the market are designed to provide cleaner, more breathable air than ever before, but technological advancements don’t stop there.

Greenspeed Intelligence is an innovative, forward-thinking solution designed to boost a heat pump’s ability to adjust comfort levels with efficiency and precision – but what is it? And how can this technology benefit you and your family?

What is Greenspeed Intelligence?

Revolutionized by Carrier, Greenspeed Intelligence has been paired with the company’s latest Infinity series products, taking them to a higher level than ever before. The technology was designed to be highly adaptable, allowing a heat pump or furnace to run at the exact capacity a home needs for maximum comfort. This includes cooling levels. It’s a highly adaptive system that can pinpoint whether a heat pump should run at 40-percent or 100-percent capacity.

But if you’re thinking all heat pumps automatically adjust when a home’s temperature reaches a certain range, it’s important to note that Greenspeed Intelligence has a dynamic advantage. This newer technology is capable of choosing the optimal operating capacity, ensuring that it always works at its most efficient levels. In other words, its adaptable speed technology allows your heating system to run at lower capacity levels for much longer than traditional heat pumps. Your home always gets the precise temperature needed, and you get to enjoy the added benefit of saving money on energy bills.

How Does it Work?

When it comes down to it, Greenspeed Intelligence is simply the combination of an inverter and specialized compressor, but several factors go into the operation of a Greenspeed Intelligence system. For starters, Carrier’s Infinity System utilizes quite a bit of information to ensure it runs efficiently. This information includes factors like your own personal comfort choices, the current outdoor temperature, and your home’s energy use.

All of that information is collected in order for the system to adapt, producing the proper heating or cooling output when necessary – and only then in small increments. Greenspeed Intelligence allows the Infinity System to constantly respond to control commands on even the most minute levels, so adjusting comfort levels becomes more precise.

Benefits of a Greenspeed Intelligence System

Heat pumps with Greenspeed Intelligence are amazingly quiet because they run lower and slower. Since slow and steady wins the race, these systems operate at longer capacities than traditional heat pumps, making the technology a great investment for homeowners wanting long-term solutions that prove to be worthy investments.

Because of this slower, steadier operating capacity, Greenspeed Intelligence systems are incredibly efficient. Carrier’s Infinity 20 heat pump, for example, is up to 69 percent more efficient than other heat pumps currently on the market. That alone is reason enough to make the upgrade.

What’s more, Greenspeed Intelligence can make a home’s other system enhancements even more effective. Humidifiers and air purifiers function at more optimal levels, further boosting your home’s indoor air quality. And since these systems can keep temperatures more consistent throughout the home, you always enjoy a refreshing airflow no matter which room you’re in. That’s great news to family members who suffer from asthma or allergies.

The Bottom Line

Greenspeed Intelligence combined with Carrier’s intuitive Infinity system offers consistent home comfort by utilizing the least amount of energy possible. It doesn’t matter how much the outdoor temperature fluctuates – these Infinity heat pumps can keep up without creating noticeable indoor temperature swings.

Although Greenspeed technology is not yet industry standard, Carrier has set the bar on efficiently maintaining home comfort while lowering the costs associated with heat pump usage. These improvements have been so impressive that other brands are setting their sights higher, meaning that Greenspeed Intelligence has the potential to prompt a revolution in indoor heating and cooling. That’s something to get excited about!

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