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Montgomery, Texas, in August, promises triple-digit days on the thermostat. Unfortunately, extreme heat is dangerous, especially when cooling systems fail.

In Texas alone, over 500 people lost their lives during heatwaves from 2011-2016.

As Texans work their way through another stifling August heatwave, the one thing on everyone’s mind is their air conditioner. Your AC keeps you and your family safe during a heatwave, so it’s vital that you know what to do if you have an AC emergency.

Keep reading to learn about types of air conditioner emergencies and what to do if you experience one.

What Is an AC Emergency?

Several scenarios always equal an AC emergency. If your air conditioner stops working and weather advisories forecast daytime temperature at around 100°F and nighttime temperatures at or above 80°F, your AC requires emergency service. Other emergencies would be if an AC outage occurs and infants, elderly people, or those with health risks are inside.

These situations require an immediate call to your local emergency AC repair services. If you’re unsure if you have an emergency, call. At Luxury Air in Conroe, Texas, we’re available to answer a question or schedule a visit on or off-hours.

Types of Air Conditioner Emergencies

AC Won’t Turn On

If your AC fails, you should first check your circuit breaker to rule out any outside electrical problems. Then, if you need to reset your breaker, give your AC unit some time to return to room temperature.

If your AC still won’t power on after resetting, it’s time to call an AC technician.

AC Making Strange Sounds

Your AC is capable of making some terrifying sounds when it’s in distress. Different sounds point to various mechanical failures.

Hissing might mean that your unit is leaking its toxic refrigerant. Likewise, a loud squealing sound can be a sign of a severe problem. That noise usually points to a high-pressure buildup.

If you have an outdoor unit and hear hissing or squealing, turn the unit off immediately. Then, contact trusted AC experts for quick service.

AC Releases an Odor When It’s Turned On

Air Conditioner odors encompass a range of smells, from must and dust to gym socks.

They are usually benign, but some do suggest dangerous issues. For example, if you smell smoke or gun powder, it might mean that something is burning. So err on the side of caution and exit the property immediately.

Then, contact the fire department. Return only when it’s safe and contact emergency AC repair services to find the odor culprit.

Other smells could mean mold in your vents, or in some cases, a trapped dead animal in your unit. However, only a professional HVAC technician can determine the cause and remedy any odor issues.

Prevent Emergency AC Repair in Texas

The most common kinds of AC failures are often preventable. They occur because of improper use, no unit service or maintenance, and faulty installation. That’s why the best AC emergency repair services should also provide expert maintenance.

Luxury Air in Montgomery County, Texas, provides superior maintenance and installation service that helps prevent an AC emergency from occurring in the first place.

With scorching summer heat blazing all South East Texas, AC failure is truly a nightmare scenario. Contact us at Luxury Air today to learn more about preventive maintenance plans for your peace of mind.

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