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Has the weather started to turn colder at your Conroe, TX home? When winter hits, you want to make sure your HVAC system is up and running correctly! A well-run system is key to staying comfortable year-round, no matter how hot or cold it might be outside. 

If you’ve been experiencing issues with your unit, it’s time to act. Today, we’re sharing five key signs that it’s time to schedule an AC and heating tune-up visit as soon as possible!

1. Your Energy Bill Is High

Have you noticed that your monthly energy bill seems to be a little higher than normal? Certain seasons will require your HVAC system to work a little harder. For instance, you might see a slight increase in the summer, when it’s extra-hot outside, or when temperatures dip for an extended period of time in the winter.

However, you shouldn’t notice a massive spike in your bill, no matter what the weather’s like outside. If yours seems suspiciously high, it might be time to schedule a furnace repair. There could be an underlying issue that’s causing your system to run less efficiently. 

When this happens, the unit has to strain hard to keep your home comfortable. This can cause your power bill to skyrocket, so take action quickly. 

2. You Hear Strange Noises

You might notice when your HVAC system turns on or cuts off. This is especially the case if yours is an older model, as those tend to run a little louder. However, there shouldn’t be any strange noises coming out of it, no matter what its age might be!

If you hear any of these sounds emitting from your machines, it may be time to schedule heating and cooling maintenance:

  • Banging
  • Buzzing
  • Hissing
  • Whistling

These sounds don’t just occur out of the blue. Each could potentially signify that there’s an underlying problem occurring. 

For example, buzzing usually means that there’s an obstruction in the pipes, which is limiting airflow. Humming happens when the blades on your unit are damaged or obstructed in some way, limiting their speed or range of motion. Humming often indicates that your motor is wearing out, and may need replacement. 

Contact an HVAC specialist as soon as you hear any of these noises. Allowing them to continue for too long could cause even more damage to your machine.  

3. The Air Isn’t Warm or Cool

Conroe, TX remains relatively mild year-round. Still, when it gets a little chilly in the winter, you want your furnace to work correctly! Take a look at the vents in your home, and feel the air coming out of them. 

Does it seem warm, or is it cool? In the winter, it should be nice and warm, designed to heat your home and keep it cozy. In the summer, the air should be cool, helping you relax even when the temperatures spike. 

If the air feels room temperature, this could be a sign that something’s going wrong. Often, the issue is simply with your air filters. An HVAC technician can examine your filters and let you know if they’re overused and ready for a replacement.  

Other issues that could cause the air to work ineffectively include:

  • Dirty or clogged coils
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Electrical issues caused by trips or faulty fuses

Your technician can clean the coils if that’s the problem. They can also increase your refrigerant levels to improve your unit’s cooling abilities. If there’s an electrical problem, they’ll know how to handle that, too.

It’s not usually wise to self-diagnose your HVAC unit. Instead of opening it up and examining it yourself, trust the reins to a professional to ensure a safe and successful tune-up!

4. There’s a Strange Smell

While your HVAC unit might make some noises during operation, it should never produce an odor! If you notice a foul smell coming from your system or out of your interior air vents, it’s time to search for “heating and cooling near me” immediately. 

There are a few reasons why you might need to plug your nose as you walk by the unit. These include:

  • A wet filter
  • A clog in your drain line
  • A colony of mold
  • Worn-out wire insulation

As you can imagine, all of these issues can cause your unit to work incorrectly. Problems like mold can also lead to health issues, while faulty wire insulation could lead to more widespread damage. Proper line insulation is necessary to prevent temperature fluctuations or malfunctions.

5. The Air Flow Is Waning

Your heating and cooling system should be able to provide every room in your house with constant, sufficient airflow. However, does it seem like some rooms simply feel better than others? If you’ve started to develop spots in your home where the air feels like it’s flowing less efficiently, it’s time to call an HVAC repair company. 

This is also the case if the air coming out of your vents simply feels weak. When airflow lowers, the culprit is usually damaged, dirty, or worn-out ducts or filters. An HVAC technician can get to the root of the problem, improving your airflow force and air quality. 

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Conroe, TX homeowners, and business owners need an HVAC company they can trust on speed dial. When you know who to call, issues like these are often easier to fix. You don’t have to wait until they get truly problematic to take action!

If you’ve noticed any of the problems above, give our team a call or send us an email. At Luxury Air A/C and Heating, we provide professional AC and heating tune-up services to help you stay comfortable. Montgomery County residents trust our knowledgeable, experienced technicians and excellent customer service. 

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