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HVAC systems are designed to thrive through years and years of wear and tear. However, if you really want to get the most out of your HVAC system, you need to provide it with proper maintenance.

Wondering how to extend HVAC life expectancy? Then read on. We’re going to provide you with a few tips below.

1. Supplement Your AC

If you want your AC to last as long as possible, you need to take as much strain off of it as you possibly can. This can be done by supplementing its functionality with other entities.

See, if you use fans to circulate the air in a given room, you leave less work for your AC. As a result, the AC will incur less wear and tear.

So, turn on those fans and close up those windows; in the end, you’ll get a much greater return on your investment.

2. Change Your HVAC Air Filter

The simplest and most vital aspect of air conditioner maintenance is the changing of the HVAC air filter. The more frequently you change this filter, the less strain your AC will receive. The less strain it receives, the longer it will function.

Generally speaking, it’s wise to change this filter every 2 to 3 months. Doing so should prevent the system from becoming inundated with dust. Note, however, that if you have furry pets in your home (like dogs or cats), you should consider making a change every month instead.

3. Scrub Those Coils

Because air conditioner condensers exist outside, they’re subject to a substantial amount of residue. A good deal of this residue ends up on the condenser’s coils, in particular, leading to impaired functionality over time.

As such, to ensure that your AC operates at max capacity for as long as possible, you need to scrub those coils clean on a regular basis (every 6 months to a year).

4. Keep the Condenser Cleared

Last, but certainly not least, you need to keep your condenser cleared at all times. Not only do you need to rid it of any sticks, rocks, or residue, but you also need to provide it with adequate clearance on each of its sides.

You should check your condenser at least once weekly. You should also trim up any trees or hedges so as to reduce the risk of branches falling into the condenser. Generally speaking, you want to keep at least 5 feet of clearance around the condenser’s entire radius.

Need Help Extending HVAC Life Expectancy in Montgomery County, Texas?

If you’re truly looking to extend HVAC life expectancy, you’re advised to bring in a professional HVAC specialist. A professional HVAC will provide your system with all of the maintenance it requires, prolonging its lifespan as much as technologically possible.

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