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One of the most dreaded events during a Texas summer is an air-conditioner malfunction at night or on the weekend. From June through August, it’s not uncommon for our temps to stay in the 90s!

When it’s high-noon on a Saturday and your a/c experiences any of these issues, you begin to panic. You can’t get ahold of your usual repair person, and you fear that an emergency air conditioner repair will cost an arm and a leg.

Is that after-hour fee worth it? We know it’s uncomfortable to suffer from the heat. But, it might be better to wait until Monday to call for a repair.

Here’s how to survive the night when the a/c quits.


Check a few things about your air-conditioner to make sure you need emergency HVAC repair.

The issue could involve a simple solution. You don’t want to pay a maintenance specialist to charge you for an emergency house call when the problem is a clogged air filter.

  • Check the filter.
  • Check that your unit has power. If not, check your breaker box to make sure all breakers are on.
  • Check the thermostat to make sure it’s set low enough to blow cold air.

If the a/c doesn’t work after checking a few issues, you can still survive the night without paying for an emergency fix.

Fans to the Rescue!

Gather every fan you can find. While fans don’t cool the air, circulating air helps you feel cooler.

Run the ceiling fans, box fans, the attic fan, and borrow fans from your neighbors to get the air moving in your home.

Bonus tip:

Place a bowl of ice in front of your box fan. The air blowing across the ice creates a cooling air flow!

Be sure to keep any condensation from the ice away from the electric fan and power cord. You don’t want a safety issue on top of your emergency a/c issue.

Don’t Cook!

Running the oven or your stove adds heat to your home. If the a/c isn’t cooling, there’s no need to add more heat!

Go out for dinner and enjoy their a/c. Fire up the outside grill and have an outdoor picnic. Order food delivery and have a night of Netflix (without the “chill”).

Take a Cold Shower!

Cool off with a cold shower. You might be surprised how much better you’ll feel without your a/c after a refreshing shower.

Cover Your Windows

You might love the sunshine streaming in your french doors–but that sunlight is increasing the temperature inside your home.

When you need emergency air conditioning repair, close the blinds to reduce the amount of heat in your home.

Reserve Emergency Air Conditioner Repair for Real Emergencies

It’s frustrating–and inconvenient–to sweat indoors during a Texas summer. But, you’ll save some money if you reserve emergency air conditioner repairs for a real emergency.

Whether it’s an emergency or a routine service check, contact us! We offer extended appointment hours and a commitment to customer satisfaction in the Conroe, TX, area.

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