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You sniff, and your heart sinks. Your furnace smells like gas. This bad furnace smell is something you need to address right away because it could be an emergency.

If there is a strong odor of gas or the sound of hissing, you need to leave your home as quickly as possible and contact 911 or your local gas company. There could be a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It could also be less serious, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are wondering, “Why does my furnace smell like gas?” then you can use our informative guide here to help you figure out what furnace problems you may have and what possible solutions there may be.

Check Your Furnace

What kind of furnace do you have? Whether you have a natural gas furnace or a propane furnace, both can smell like gas.

This gas normally does not have an odor. When the furnace is smelling like gas, then you know there is a possible leak or other furnace issues. These furnace problems could be serious or not serious.

Non-Serious Smells

There are a variety of less serious reasons why your furnace may have a bad smell.

It may come from an open window, in which the smell of gas is being blown back into your house by wind.

If this is the first time you have turned your furnace on in the winter, it could also be excess dust. This is because after many months of non-use, a furnace may burn up the dust and cobwebs, causing it to smell. When your furnace turns on, you may also detect a small gas smell each time you do.

It could also be your trash smell, especially if your trash is situated close to your furnace. This is nothing serious, but you can always get your furnace checked to be sure.

Why a Bad Furnace Smell is Serious

A bad furnace smell does indeed mean there is a gas leak. Even if it is a non-serious issue like above, you should treat the issue as if it were serious. Otherwise, you put yourself and your family at risk.

Without having someone look at your furnace problems, your home is susceptible to possible carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions, or a fire.

If the gas smell comes from your air vents, and the smell is not going away (even if you open the windows), this is serious, and you need to leave your home immediately. If you also hear a hissing noise, this is again a serious gas leak. If you have a CO2 detector and its alarm is going off, leave your home immediately.

What to Do When Your Furnace Smells Like Gas

When your furnace smells like gas, always get it checked out and be prepared to leave. If your furnace is smelling like gas, you need to treat it like a serious problem, even if it ends up not being so.

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