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Luxury Air A/C & Heating FAQ

Thinking of installing a new heating and cooling system? We answer Frequently Asked Questions you may want to consider before your purchase.

Navigating the heating and cooling systems in your home can be challenging without the help of a professional. At Luxury A/C & Heating, we want to provide our clients with exceptional services and leave them satisfied. This is why we have prepared these Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started. Read on.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Typically, it’s used to depict your home’s heating and cooling system consisting of registers, humidification, air filters, and ductwork.

The most critical aspect of your HVAC system maintenance involves servicing unrestricted air flows. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor unit, you need to ensure the filters are clean and that the coils and heat exchangers don’t have any restrictions. You want to focus on debris, dirt, and dust because these are the worst enemies for your system.

We recommend homeowners inspect and service their systems at least twice per year. This is vital for eliminating common issues that can cause a severe breakdown. An autumn and spring tune-up would be okay. It’s also essential to change the filters regularly, depending on what you use.

Replacing your filters regularly is something you shouldn’t ignore because it allows your units to function at an optimal level, enhancing your indoor air quality. Regular filter change is inevitable if you want to ensure your home doesn’t have germs, allergens, and dust. Our experienced technicians will inspect your systems and recommend when you need filter replacement.

Sure. A loud HVAC system can lead to sound pollution. The machine’s sound level depends on several factors, including the air system’s age and whether you have an insulated ventilator or not. While lower sound levels may not contribute to any significant financial savings, the HVAC system’s sound rating can impact your home’s enjoyment and comfort.

Bigger doesn’t mean it’s better, but the system’s efficiency and performance are what matters. Before buying a replacement unit for your home, you want to evaluate your home’s heating and cooling needs and your budget. At Luxury Air, we understand how this can be essential for your home’s comfort, and we’ll thoroughly examine your needs for appropriate recommendations.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Ensure regular replacement and cleaning of the filters
  • Put the blower in the “on” position. This ensures your home’s air movement is constant, allowing better filtration.
  • Install screens, shutters, drapes, and shades on windows with extreme exposure to sunlight. It ensures room temperatures are at optimal levels.

Are you struggling with odors in your home? If so, chances are your HVAC system could be a contributing factor. While you may try using candles or air fresheners, these may not offer an effective solution because only mask the odors and don’t eliminate them. Unfortunately, these may impact your indoor air quality because they may contain chemicals that can cause eye irritation and allergic reactions to homeowners.

Mold, cat saliva, animal dander, dust mites, and bacteria could lead to odor problems in your home. Inspect your home’s source of the odor and take the necessary action. For example, you could integrate germicidal (UV) lights. This inhibits biological contaminants’ growth and eliminates odors.

Sometimes, unpleasant odors may occur due to your home’s poor ventilation. Experts at Luxury Air will evaluate the cause of odors in your home and recommend the best method to address the problem.

Every homeowner has unique needs, and there may not be a one-size-fits-all formula for this. Whether it’s better filtration or enhancing your purification system, you want to consider your needs and the best-personalized way to improve your indoor quality. You need to know the level of comfort you want for your home and consider other critical factors to find an effective solution for your home’s indoor quality.

If your indoor air quality isn’t what you need, you want to consider regular vacuuming and dusting. It can help reduce mites and dust in your home. However, this may not eliminate airborne particles because some can be too small for a vacuum. Some devices you may want to consider include electronic air cleaners, heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), energy recovery Ventilators, air filters, and UV light units.

This may depend on factors like your personal preferences and the time of year. For example, in the winter, 68°-72° temperature range is the norm while in summer, 75°-80° temperature setting is okay. When not in your house, you want to avoid extreme temperature changes. You don’t want your unit to work harder to achieve the desired goals.

It’s every homeowner’s goal to have a well-functioning HVAC unit, especially during extreme temperatures. This can enhance your home’s comfort and avoid unnecessary issues like odors. If you have a problem with your HVAC system, do not hesitate to contact experts at Luxury Air for help.

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