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In the USA, cooling and heating an average home takes up 48% of its energy bill.

Therefore, having an efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is essential.

It should be updated whenever it’s old or damaged. But, you should not do it yourself!

If you’re due for an update, you may be looking for a luxury A/C and heating company.

But, what should you expect from an A/C and heating company? We’ll run through five things to look out for when choosing the best company.

1. Appropriate Training, Experience, and Paperwork

Having a rookie install one of the most expensive pieces of kit in your home will only end in disaster and more expense.

When choosing a luxury A/C and heating company, you should expect that they know what they’re doing.

Research the company online to find out whether they’re trained and don’t be afraid to ask for confirmation too! For example, does the company have:

  • A license – the type of license depends on where you live. But, a contractor should have a license for working in the state. This proves exams are passed and training is complete. Check the Contractor’s License Reference Site.
  • Compensation for workers – if a contractor is hurt, this prevents you from being responsible.

If they can’t provide reassurance or the right paperwork, walk away!

2. Evaluation at Home and Estimation of Cost

If you hire the right company, you can certainly expect a home visit.

During this time, the contractors who arrive will be able to inform you of which A/C and heating unit will suit you and your needs best.

While at your house, there are many checks which will take place including:

  • Working out how many square feet your home currently has.
  • Checking the insulation and its resistance to heat flow (or R-value).
  • Counting how many windows you have and working out which way they face.
  • Inspecting your current A/C and heating installation.
  • Checking the duct system for any problems or leaks.
  • The energy efficiency of your home in general.

After your contractor is done checking your home, they will go away with this information and work out an estimated cost for a new A/C and heating unit.

3. Check the Model Your Contractor Plans to Install

After your estimation and evaluation are complete, you can expect your contractor to tell you what they’re planning to install.

Yet again, you’ll need to do your research and make sure that the model or product they’re intending on installing is right for you and your needs.

You should also work out whether it fits your household budget.

4. Always Check Your Contractor’s References

When working with a new contractor, you should check their reviews online.

However, you should also pick up the phone and give the references of your contractor a ring. In this day and age, many of us prefer to avoid phone calls.

But, this is one of the best ways to ensure your luxury A/C and heating company will actually offer a luxurious service and not just rip your off.

You’ll find that an HVAC contractor will want to show you their fantastic reviews and won’t have anything to hide.

5. Work Out Your Contract in Advance

Once you’ve vetted your contractor or HVAC company closely, you need to write out the contract. This should include:

  • Dates your contractor will be working and when they’ll be finished.
  • The time they’ll be working.
  • How much you’ll pay for all of the work.
  • When you’ll be expected to pay for the work.

You should keep everything in writing and always on hand for when you need it, just in case.

Hiring a Luxury A/C and Heating Company Takes Time

Don’t rush into replacing your unit. You’ll need to spend some time finding the right luxury A/C and heating company to make sure you’re not being ripped off.

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