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You’re so used to your home’s air conditioner, you barely take notice when it clicks on and off. That’s why, when you do hear an unusual noise coming from your system, you wonder, “Has it always done that?”.

Most air conditioners make some kind of noise, but there are noises it should never make. Many times it’s your first clue that something is wrong.

To help you decipher the noise, let’s look at 5 air conditioning sounds you should never hear.

1. Whistling

Hearing a high-pitched whistling coming out of your air conditioner means you should shut it off immediately. The cause is not only dangerous to your unit but harmful to your family as well.

A refrigerant leak is the most likely culprit. This substance is corrosive to metal, eating away at whatever surface it comes into contact with. Plus, it’s toxic to breathe in, creating a health hazard for anyone in the home.

Since this substance is so harmful, refrigerant leaks should only get handled by a trained professional.

2. Squealing

Squealing is another signal you should shut your air conditioner off right away.

Sometimes it means there is a high internal pressure in your unit. As this pressure builds up in the compressor, sensors normally turn the system off when it gets too high, yet they don’t always work.

Or you could have a loose belt. Either way, turning the unit off will prevent any further damage to the system before a technician can make repairs.

3. Rattling

Rattling isn’t one of the normal air conditioning sounds you should hear come from your unit. Though, with many possibilities of a cause, it may require a little more investigation than other noises.

Make sure there isn’t a stick or other debris hitting your condenser fan outside. If the sound is coming from inside the unit, make sure there isn’t a loose screw or condenser fan.

A failing motor, thermostat, or other electrical issues could also be to blame. That’s when it’s time to call out a technician to diagnosis the problem.

4. Clicking

A single click from your thermostat is normal when your system turns on or off. Yet, if the clicking is constant, almost rapid-fire, it could signal there’s an issue with an electrical component.

Failing thermostats, faulty switches, or a bad capacitor could be to blame. Since there are so many electrical components in your system, it’s important to get a technician out to determine the exact cause of the noise.

5. Gurgling

Gurgling or bubbling isn’t something you should hear from your air conditioner. It could be saying you have a clogged drain line.

Like when a sink drain clogs and gurgles, your unit’s drain line does the same thing. The slower flow of water causes air bubbles to rise, creating the gurgling sound you hear.

It could also be a sign you’re running low on refrigerant. Scheduling a service appointment to refill your system will keep it running more efficiently.

Decode Your Home’s Air Conditioning Sounds

Learn to speak your air conditioner’s language. By knowing what air conditioning sounds to watch out for, you can keep your investment running smoothly.

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