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Did you know American homeowners pay nearly $29 billion combined every year in electricity costs related to air conditioning? Not only does this hurt your wallet, but the extra carbon dioxide from high energy use hurts our environment.

If you notice your house doesn’t cool down enough or see your energy bills rise,  it’s time to learn how to use an air conditioner effectively.

Luckily, you can begin with some simple steps at home that don’t require much work. We can also come help optimize your air conditioning for you for the best results.

Read on for five tips on how to make an air conditioner more efficient.

1. Have Us Perform a Professional Inspection

As a first step to improving your air conditioner’s efficiency, we recommend calling us for a professional inspection. Issues ranging from an old air conditioner unit with a maintenance issue to poorly insulated ductwork can all raise your energy bills and make your house hotter.

When you schedule us for air conditioning services, we’ll thoroughly inspect your home and recommend ways to save you money in the long run!

2. Check Your Windows and Vents

Do you leave your blinds or curtains open during the day? If so, you’re just letting the sun heat up your home. At the same time, leaving vents opened in rooms nobody goes into is a waste of cold air.

Instead, leave your blinds closed whenever possible, especially when it’s hottest and brightest outside. Also, close vents in rooms that nobody uses.

3. Vary the Thermostat Temperature

Do you keep your thermostat at the same temperature 24/7? If so, you’re wasting money, even if you set it at a reasonable temperature like 78 degrees.

Instead, set your thermostat to the most comfortable temperature during the day when you’re active and home. You can then adjust it at night when you’re sleeping and whenever you’re gone to work.

Even better, you can have us install a smart thermostat that can adjust the temperature for you!

4. Use Fans to Help Cool Your House

Another one of the best energy efficiency tips is to not rely just on your air conditioner for cooling. Instead, use ceiling fans to circulate the cold air around your home. You might actually feel several degrees cooler with this method!

5. Don’t Use So Many Lights

While heat can come in natural light, any artificial lights you use in your rooms will contribute to the issue. This applies even if you use more energy-efficient lighting like LED bulbs.

So unless you’re really need lighting in a room, keep it off to both save on energy and keep your area cooler. And certainly turn off any lights before you leave your home.

Now You Know How to Make an Air Conditioner Efficient

Taking some small steps like closing the blinds, adjusting the thermostat temperature, and closing off unused events will start helping you save. But for even better energy savings, seek professional help to know see how to make an air conditioner run better.

We can install an improved thermostat and even suggest a more efficient air conditioner if yours has seen better years. We can also determine what exactly in your home brings the heat in.

Contact us today to help your air conditioner run best and save you money!

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