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Home renovation brings a total makeover in a home, and this, therefore, makes it an exciting practice. There is nothing as exciting as living in a comfortable house with perfect free air circulation. Air Conditioning repair near you in Conroe Texas, we offer the best skills which you might need during your home renovation. Our company is licensed, and all of our staffs are highly qualified with a valid certificate. We offer several services for home renovations. Some of these services include; Home heating and air conditioning services, Light installations, Cleaning and repair services, HVAC maintenance agreements, service of all types and brand of equipment among other services.

Furnace and air conditioner should be given attention by providing extra protection because some debris, dirt, and contaminants cause a blockage. When doing home renovations, you must ensure to follow the following steps to prevent damage to your heating and cooling system.

Make a plan well ahead of renovation

When planning for renovations, you must contact Luxury Air located in  Conroe Texas because we have professional technicians who will always advise you on the effectiveness of your plan. For example, the repercussions of replacing a conduit, whether your plans need any change to put up with your air conditioning layout among others. Getting answers to such questions helps me to avoid messy situations thus preventing total damage or extra costs.

Cover Vents

During the renovation, houses turn into a construction site where debris and large particles are involved. Covering vents prevents dust, debris, and other large particles from accumulating the HVAC equipment. When more massive particles are included, there are higher chances of permanent damage to the air conditioning equipment. However, covering all the vents when the furnace is operating will hinder free circulation of air in the house.

Turning off the air conditioner when work is being done

When work is in progress, the air conditioner should not be running as this paves the way for dust and other large particles. Turning off the air conditioner prevents the air conditioner and other cooling systems from damage.

Changing location for messy work

During home renovations, there is much messy work involved which can be a threat to the home heating and the cooling system. To avoid the damage to the air conditioner, all messy work should be carried out far away from the HVAC equipment. Utilizing free space outside the house for doing the messy work reduces the amount of general construction dirt from accumulating the air conditioner. At Luxury Air in Conroe Texas, we have the staffs that are highly trained, friendly and helpful and they know how to handle home renovations projects. They know the benefits of maintaining a clean Air conditioner, and therefore you can trust us with such projects.

Clean Regularly

During renovations, regular cleaning should be done. The renovation is not a one day process, and this, therefore, means dust will be accumulating every day during the renovation period. You must ensure that you are doing frequent cleaning which is more than usual to keep off any dust or particles from accumulating. Air conditioner equipment has an air filter gadget which collects every dust which has not been cleaned for some time thus leading to clogging of the air conditioner.

Frequent Replacement of Air Filter

Home renovation is a lengthy process, and this means that the air filter can collect unsuspected dust during the process. If there is continuous dust accumulation in the air filter, it can become too clogged thus compromising its performance. This amounts to the circulation of air filled with dust and other dirt which can pose health risks. If renovation is taking a more extended period, replacing the air filter is advisable to ensure clean and healthy air circulation.

Get a professional Duct cleaning once the work is done

We always offer quality customer service to people and everyone who requests their services. We have the best technicians who provide excellent services that one can trust, just check out our online reviews and testimonials. When they are done with renovations, we are always equipped with proper tools that can do a thorough cleaning of the HVAC system. Cleaning of the system after the renovation is essential to maintain clean circulation of air.

Post-Renovation Maintenance

If you follow the above steps during your home renovation, your air conditioner is always left in great shape. However, here at Luxury Air, we are your local best air conditioning repair near you in Conroe Texas as we offer post renovation maintenance of the air conditioner at an affordable cost. Although it’s our busy season, we are still available at any time. Contact us with no fail. Luxury Air in Conroe Texas is available 24/7 give us a call or leave a  text message (936) 247-2530


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