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Do you want a low-maintenance, low-cost option to cool rooms of your home? Ductless AC units can cool your home while also saving you money with the energy efficiency.

Going Ductless

Ductless AC units with a ductless, heater pump provide looks similar to those with ducts. However, AC maintenance becomes easier because you do not have to fret over clogged ducts and blocked reserves. The ductless unit directs air flow directly into the room you need it most. The majority of people with ductless air units also purchase a heat pump, so they have year-around air flow.

Traditional Units

If you choose to go ductless, pipes and ducts can be removed. However, it is recommended to keep your outside unit for backup.  AC maintenance is a DIY upkeep, or you can continue to use your technician for AC service and AC repair.

Soundless System

The benefits ductless AC units are numerous. One of the best qualities is how it cools the heat of summer while being nearly silent. The whirring that may keep you awake does not exist while the air that flows is fresh and clean.  AC service is vastly reduced because a ductless AC unit is easy to clean and upkeep. The same cannot be said for an outside heating/cooling system.

Energy Efficient

Without ducts, you can control the climate in any given room. It means that you end up saving energy and money because you are not cooling or heating the entire domicile. Homes that are newly built are easier to cool with a ductless system, but any home can convert the outside AC unit with a ductless AC system.

Health And Monetary Benefits

Window units become costly over time and are not energy efficient at all. Ductless AC units require a technician to set up, but the cost is well worth what you will save in the long run. The cost management continues when it comes to AC maintenance. The initial installation requires an expert, but DIY upkeep is simple.

Ductless AC installation is an easy conversation when you choose the heating/cooling business that best suits your needs. Contact Luxury Air today and we will assist you in both advising you about ductless air units and provide top-notch AC service in Conroe, TX. Let’s chat (936) 247-2530

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