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Home comfort is essential, even if you don’t spend much time at home. Returning from a busy day working in Conroe, Texas to a home that’s too hot or too cold is not the way anyone wants to end their day. With Carrier’s line of great ductless products, however, you can solve your home’s heating and cooling issues with quiet, energy-efficient products.

Multi-Zone Systems

Carrier offers ductless systems with a single indoor heating and cooling unit, or a multi-zone system, which powers up to nine different zones inside your home. If you’ve been living with window air conditioners, a multi-zone ductless system will be a serious quality of life upgrade.

Add a programmable thermostat to save energy while you’re at work and to ensure the house is the right temperature when you get home after a long day. Use the different zones to only heat or cool the rooms you’re using instead of wasting money on the entire house.


The Infinity line offers extra comfort and extreme efficiency. With SEER ratings as high as 30 and extremely low decibel levels (about the loudness of a whisper) an Infinity ductless system won’t disturb you when it kicks on, whether you’re sleeping or doing some work from home. It saves a lot in energy costs, too, because of the extreme efficiency.

Comfort Residential

Your home may have a furnace or electrical heaters in place already. In that case, go for a ductless air conditioner by itself. If you’re unhappy with your home’s heating or are redoing the entire HVAC system, a ductless heat pump actually both heats and cools. In the temperate climate of Texas, a heat pump is a great idea. A heat pump by itself is usually enough for all of your heating and cooling needs.

An old home, window ACs, or a lack of ductwork don’t have to prevent you from great home comfort. Call Luxury AC at (936) 247-2530 to find out more.


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