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On average, five hurricanes strike the US every three years. This means that if you live in a hurricane zone, you need to prepare for the damage hurricanes can cause.

What can a hurricane do to your home and your property? They can cause a wide range of damage both major and minor which you need to prepare to deal with.

Luckily, you can prepare and prevent a great deal of this damage. If you make the right preparations, you can protect your home from damage.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the damage hurricanes can cause and how you can prepare for it. Ready to learn more and keep your property safe? Then keep reading.

What Can a Hurricane Do to Your Property?

What damage can a hurricane do? It will depend on the hurricane’s category.

Category 1 Hurricane

A category 1 hurricane has speeds of up to 95 mph. This wind speed can tear branches off trees on your property that can damage your home. Power outages that last for several days are also common in this and every other hurricane category.

Category 2 Hurricane

Category 2 hurricanes have speeds of up to 110 mph and can cause more severe damage. Larger trees that don’t have a strong root system can be uprooted by category 2 hurricanes.

Category 3 Hurricane

With speeds of up to 129 mph, a category 3 hurricane can tear your entire roof off. Larger trees, even with strong root support, can be uprooted in category 3 hurricanes.

Category 4 Hurricane

The winds in a category 4 hurricane can have a speed of up to 156 mph which can destroy walls as well as your roof. Power outages from these kinds of hurricanes can last for months.

Category 5 Hurricane

If the hurricane’s speeds go above 157 mph, catastrophic damage can occur. The winds can flatten your entire house and trees and power poles will be destroyed.

How to Protect Your Home Against Hurricane Damage

What can a hurricane do to your home? Quite a lot but you can protect against a great deal of this damage.

For instance, hurricanes can tear off an improperly fitted and maintained HVAC unit. If you’re in a hurricane zone and don’t want to pay to replace your AC units after a hurricane, preventative maintenance is essential.

If you’re in an area that often gets hurricanes, we would recommend buying hurricane insurance in case of catastrophic damage. Flood insurance may also be a good option if you are in a flood zone, as hurricanes can often cause floods.

To protect the major parts of your home, you can install a metal roof and impact windows to lessen the literal and metaphorical impact of hurricanes. It’s also wise to prune trees close to your home so that dead branches won’t be blown off and into your home.

How We Can Help You

You started this article wondering what can a hurricane do to my home? Now we’ve shown you the damage it can cause, we’d recommend using us to ensure your home’s HVAC can withstand smaller hurricanes.

Our preventative maintenance can help you. For more information or to get a quote, get in touch with us.

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