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The average May high in Montgomery County, TX is about 85 degrees and by July it’ll be a scorching 94 degrees.

Since we’re all home during quarantine, we’ll be cranking up the AC unit more than normal.

However, that also means we’ll have more time to get to know our AC units and learn a thing or two about regular AC maintenance. This is good news because a poorly maintained AC unit can worsen your air quality and worsen symptoms of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses.

Read on for five AC maintenance tips that will boost your indoor air quality.

1. Change AC Air Filters

Throughout the year, you should replace your air filters at least every three months. These filters accumulate large amounts of dust and dirt over time, which can reduce airflow and lower your indoor air quality.

Plus, a dirty air filter makes your AC unit work harder, which means you may find yourself with a higher electric bill and a rundown HVAC system!

2. Clean Air Filters Between Replacement

As we head for the hot months and start using our AC unit every day, we’re going to want to give our air filters a little TLC between replacements. If you have pets or live in an older house that is often home to some major dust bunnies, you may want to look over your air filters as often as once a week.

To clean your air filter, use the hose attachment on a vacuum and run it on a low setting. Make sure you aren’t too rough with the filter, as it will bend easily.

3. Clean the Coils

AC coils have the ever-important job of taking warm air and making it cool before it is distributed throughout your home. Over time, these coils tend to accumulate some of the dirt and grime that slips through the filters. Keeping these coils clean is a great way to ensure that your AC unit is running well and that it is producing clean air.

AC coils are an internal part of your HVAC system. Call in an expert who can show you how your specific unit is set up and what needs to be done to maintain the coils.

4. Make Sure Coil Fins Are Straight

Coil fins are a small component of your AC coils but, if bent out of shape, they can do some impressive damage. Bent coils can actually block the flow of air from the coil to the rest of your AC unit which, once again, causes your HVAC system to work overtime.

Have your HVAC expert take a look at your coil fins. They will know if they are in shape, need light repair, or need to be replaced.

5. Clear the Area Around Your HVAC

Make sure that the yard space surrounding your HVAC system is clear of plant life. Overgrown branches can block the flow of clean air from getting to the system and deep roots can cause damage from below!

For Great Indoor Air Quality, Call Luxury AIR

It’s important to have some DIY AC-fixing skills up our sleeves, especially when we’re home all day and our AC units are chugging away.

However, sometimes your best bet is to call in the experts! If you’re in the Montgomery County area and want to boost your indoor air quality, contact Luxury AIR today.

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