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HVAC Maintenance Agreements

HVAC Maintenance Plans in Conroe, TX

If you want your air conditioner to function effectively and ensure your comfort throughout the summer, it’s essential to play your role in maintaining it. While it’s easy to overlook scheduling preventive maintenance when your AC is running smoothly, these routine service checks are crucial in preventing breakdowns. At Luxury Air A/C and Heating, we offer convenient annual service checkups and cost-effective HVAC maintenance plans designed to meet the specific needs of our customers in Conroe, TX, and Montgomery County, TX.

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Check out our preventive HVAC maintenance plans to see what is included and what might be the best package for you and your family.


Our Preventive HVAC Maintenance Plans

The best way to enjoy years of trouble-free heating and cooling is to invest a little time and money in preventive HVAC maintenance plans. Property owners can complete a number of routine chores to help keep their HVAC system running smoothly all year round:


  • Check the air filters every month. Clogged filters block airflow and make your system work harder than it should. This hurts efficiency, leads to higher energy bills and causes extra wear and tear.
  • Keep debris away from the outdoor unit. Again, blocking airflow forces your air conditioner to work overtime. With the demands of the long Texas summer, your system doesn’t need any extra hurdles to overcome.
  • Clear furniture and drapes away from the vents inside. Make sure air can circulate freely to avoid uncomfortable hot and cold spots in your home or office.
  • Schedule annual heating and A/C maintenance with a professional. These service checks help you get the most out of your system and may even be required by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Invest in a preventive maintenance plan to keep your system running properly and save money. Our service contracts include routine maintenance and exclusive discounts on repairs. You also receive priority status for service calls.

Contact us to learn more about the preventive HVAC maintenance plans available for your residential heating and cooling system.


What To Expect During HVAC Maintenance

During your annual maintenance check with Luxury Air, one of our factory-trained, certified technicians will carefully inspect the system. The coils and fan blades are then cleaned to improve energy efficiency and the drains are checked for clogs. The technician also looks for loose or worn parts and assesses the overall condition of the system. If any problems spots are identified, the technician will explain your options. This appointment is a great time to bring up any questions or concerns about keeping your home comfortable or improving the indoor air quality.

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