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Air Conditioning
AC Answers: What Is the Average Cost of Installing Air Conditioning?

84 percent of homes in the United States feature some sort of air conditioning equipment.…

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Ac Hacks
6 Holiday AC Hacks for Conroe, TX Homeowners

Conroe, TX is one of the best places to be during the summer holidays.  From Lake…

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Hvac Repair Companies
HVAC Repair Companies: How to Find the Right Company for Your Needs

Research shows that there are over 100,000 HVAC repair companies and contractors in the US.…

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Luxuryairtx Technician
What Is Considered an AC Emergency?

Montgomery, Texas, in August, promises triple-digit days on the thermostat. Unfortunately, extreme heat is dangerous,…

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Air Conditioner Check-up
The Essential Air Conditioner Check-Up List for Homeowners

We're slated for another record-breaking heat this summer. If you're a homeowner, an air conditioner…

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Ac Leaking
Is Your AC Leaking? 5 Possible Causes and Fixes

The first air conditioner was built in 1902 to protect paper and ink at publishing…

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