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It is not uncommon to forget about your AC after you buy it. However, that may end up costing you both in health and finances. Air duct maintenance can go a long way to ensure the efficiency of your AC and the quality of air in your home. The following are some of the ways to know if you need to clean your AC ducts:

High Energy Bills
If you find yourself with high energy bills that you cannot explain, your AC ducts may be the problem. If your AC ducts are filled with debris, they become less energy efficient and result in high bills.

Unexplained Respiratory Problems
If you or members of your family suddenly have allergies, sneezing problems, asthma or respiratory issues, it is probably a result of the contaminated air being circulated by your AC. When your AC ducts have a lot of debris or dirt, they circulate it in the air leading to infections. You should have the AC ducts cleaned immediately to prevent any further problems.

Dusty Air Filters And Vents
If you notice that your air filters are dusty, chances are that your AC ducts are filled with dust too and that they need cleaning. You should also check the vents for any dirt or debris.

Insect Or Rodent Infestation
It is not uncommon for insects and rodents to seek shelter in AC ducts. If you suspect that there are insects or rodents in your AC duct, then you definitely need to have them cleaned. Aside from the fact that their droppings can be really smelly, they may also block the AC duct and cause infections.

Presence Of Mold
If you spot the growth of mold on your AC ducts, then they definitely need to be cleaned. Mold is a sign that there are moisture problems. It can trigger allergies and cause respiratory problems.

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