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We’re slated for another record-breaking heat this summer. If you’re a homeowner, an air conditioner check-up might be in order. 

The last thing you want is an air conditioner that’s constantly breaking down. Home AC maintenance is going to be imperative to beat the heat.

But what does an HVAC air conditioner check-up look like? How should you handle your home AC maintenance this summer?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to learn the essential air conditioner check-up list for homeowners. 

HVAC Checklist: Outdoors and Indoors

Most HVAC troubleshooting involves maintaining your outdoor and indoor halves. That is to say, you need to tune up both the outdoor and indoor units to maintain your air conditioner properly.

Let’s take a look at the checklist for both halves:

Maintaining the Outdoor Unit

Before you do anything else, you must consider your safety. Turn the power off for all of your AC units so you don’t damage anything, including yourself.

Now that you’re safe start by inspecting the unit panels. The outdoor elements can do a number on your AC device, and these panels are the main line of defense.

If the panels are getting worn down, you should replace them. If, however, they’re completely gone and are exposing the wires inside, contact an HVAC professional right away.

After you do that, clear away any debris on and around the outdoor unit. Next, check the insulation around the conduit pipes.

These run around the outside and into the unit itself. The better condition these pipes are, the more efficient your HVAC system will be. 

Finally, check your air filters and clean them if necessary. Toss them out and replace them if they’re too worn down, but otherwise clean them every few months.

Maintaining the Indoor Unit

Now that the outdoor part is done make sure your power is still off for your indoor AC. Then start by checking your evaporator coil. Remove any dust and apply a coil cleaner. 

Mold or algae can also creep into your drainage lines and really make it tough for your HVAC system to function efficiently. Most lines lead to a utility sink or drain somewhere in your basement. 

Just like the outdoor unit, you’ll also have to change the air filters to maximize your HVAC’s utility. Pay attention to the type of air filters that you’re using, and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

After you’ve taken care of the filters and drain, it’s time to test whether you’ve gotten the job done. Turn your AC on and check if it’s running properly. 

Is everything running smoothly? Are your rooms getting cooler the way you need them to? Are there no strange noises? 

If at any point during the checklist process you encounter some damage or break something, skip this step. Call an HVAC specialist and get everything sorted out. 

Leverage Air Conditioner Check-Up Today

Don’t be stuck inside with a faulty air conditioner. Use this guide to get the right air conditioner check-up for your home today. 

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