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The summers are hot here in our little part of Texas, and the winters can get downright cold. A working, efficient heating and cooling system is an absolute must, year-round. One of the latest innovations is the ductless air conditioning system. Smaller and more efficient, these units don’t work with traditional ductwork. They’re also much quieter than the central units or the window systems.

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of misinformation out there. Let’s clear up a few myths about ductless air conditioning systems, so you can make the most informed choice.

Ductless Systems Provide Uneven Heating and Cooling

Ductless units are sometimes incorrectly compared to window units and space heaters, which create unequal air distributions. The ductless systems work differently. They don’t create cool or warm air the way a typical system does. They move air throughout your home, distributing it evenly.

Ductless Units are Bad for Your Indoor Air Quality

In reality, the units may make your air cleaner in your home. The filters are designed to purify the air. Dust, dirt, spores, and anything carrying bacteria is trapped in the filter better than other types of units. When you need to clean your filter, all you need is soap and water.

Ductless Units Can’t Be Added to Older Homes

While the units are popular with new construction as a way to avoid adding ductwork to a home, there is no reason a ductless system can’t be added to your existing home. Because the units are small and easy to install, a professional technician can upgrade you to a ductless unit when you’re ready.

Whether you’re ready to replace your older system, or you’ve relied on window units and space heaters, a ductless unit may be what you need without the worry about replacing or installing new ductwork.

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