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Problems with your ductwork don’t automatically indicate that an expensive repair is needed or that large sections would need to be replaced. In many instances, professional maintenance and repair can solve duct issues and get your Magnolia, Texas, home’s HVAC system running at top efficiency again. Some problems, however, go too deep within the ductwork to be reliably fixed, and issues like age and improper installation can signal the end of your current ducts. Find out how to tell the difference between a repairable problem and an indication you need new ducts.

Air Leaks

Seam leaks are not an automatic sign that your ducts need to be replaced. If the rest of your system is working correctly and your ducts develop a leak over time, a professional can repair that section of duct with the proper materials. (Pro tip: duct tape is not a proper material.) Air leaks become a problem if they’re a consistent ductwork complaint. A number of factors, including age, cheap materials, or bad installation can cause many air leaks in your ducts.

Cracks and Corrosion

Air leaks happen when ducts become cracked and corroded, but unlike leaking seams, which happen due to regular wear and tear, cracks are not normal for your ductwork. Bad materials, duct age, and lack of maintenance can cause cracks, but if your ducts are cracked or corroded, you should have that section of ductwork replaced. While you’re at it, have the HVAC professional check the rest of your ducts. Make sure the same problems aren’t going to happen in other parts of the house.


Humidity and mold can occur in an HVAC system, but it isn’t normal and can be dangerous to your health. An HVAC system is designed to keep humidity levels in your home low enough to keep you comfortable and to prevent mold growth, so if you notice any mold growing near or on your ducts, you need a professional inspection. If you notice mold in your air ducts you should have it checked immediately.

The problem may not be with your ducts at all. Water could be leaking nearby, or something else could be causing a humidity problem in your home. The only way to know for sure, however, is to have it checked, by a professional who will make a recommendation on the best ways to remedy the situation.

Debris Inside

An HVAC professional can clean your ducts of debris if it happens to accumulate inside. Cleaning the ducts themselves isn’t a big deal, but since the system is supposed to be sealed and has air filters designed to prevent this problem, it often indicates something more serious. Part of your ductwork might be damaged, you might have significant leaks, or the system may have been badly installed.

Only a professional can determine if the insides of your ducts are dirty, but you may notice fluctuating air pressure coming from your vents, bad IAQ, allergic reactions, and more humidity than normal in your home. Determining the cause of dirty air vents may result in an easy professional repair or a need for total replacement.

Improper Sizing

If your ducts were sized incorrectly upon installation, they’re not going to distribute air correctly, no matter how well-maintained they are. You may notice any number of the above problems due to badly sized ducts, and the only solution is to have a professional replace your duct system with one that’s correctly sized.

Get your duct issues checked as soon as you notice them, and don’t skip your routine HVAC maintenance. That’s the best way to catch small problems before they turn into a larger issue. Call (936) 247-2530 to have any questions answered or to schedule duct maintenance with the professionals at Luxury Air.


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