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Each year, Conroe and Montgomery County get an average of 118 days with a heat index of at least 90 degrees. On top of that are the 13 days in which temperatures reach 100 to 115 degrees.

The thing is, temperatures between 90 and 105 degrees can already induce heat cramps. Any hotter than that, and you can be at risk of heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Now, while heat is a huge issue in both counties, their chilly days can be just as detrimental to your health.

For those reasons, the need for expert emergency HVAC repair isn’t something you’d want to put off. Otherwise, you and your loved ones may develop weather-related illnesses.

At this point, you may be asking, “what is considered an HVAC emergency in the first place?” Which situations even warrant emergency heating or cooling repairs?

We’ll give you the top answers to those questions in this guide, so be sure to read on!

No Power At All

If your HVAC unit doesn’t show any signs of life, check your main electrical panel first. It might have just tripped, cutting off the power supply to your heater or air conditioner. If this occurred, the panel switch for your comfort system should be set to OFF.

If it is set to OFF, flick the switch back to the ON position. This should restore power to your HVAC unit.

If the switch is in the ON position, check your thermostat. Someone may have turned it off by accident. If not, and if there’s no illuminated light, it’s time you call the pros to get emergency HVAC repair services.

Emergency HVAC repair is worth it in this case since the unit doesn’t power on at all. If you can’t get it to turn on, you’ll be without heating or cooling. This is one of the times wherein your health and your family’s well-being can be at risk.

Smoky or Burning Smells That Get Stronger

When you turn on your HVAC system after a long period of rest, it can emit a smoky or burning odor. This can come from residue that the HVAC motor burns away. In heating equipment, the stench can be from the unit’s burners burning away dust and debris.

Those smells should dissipate quickly, though. These are also preventable with pre-season HVAC maintenance, which entails thorough cleaning. If the odors go away after a few minutes, it’s not an emergency, but it’s best to schedule an HVAC tune-up in a few days.

If the stench gets stronger, turn off the system right away. Excessive filth build-up, foreign objects, a seized HVAC motor, or damaged wires may be to blame. Either way, all those warrant a call to an emergency HVAC service provider.

Bubbling or Whistling Sounds

If these sounds come from your AC, you likely have a leaking refrigerant line. Refrigerants are the chemicals that allow your air conditioner to cool the air. So, the longer you let yours seep out, the less efficient your cooling unit will be.

More than that, refrigerant exposure, especially in the long-term, can cause poisoning.

If your heater makes whistling sounds and gives off sulfur-like smells, turn it off right away. These are signs of a gas leak, with the chemical mercaptan being the reason for the rotten egg smells. This warrants emergency repairs as gas leaks can lead to explosions.

Don’t Delay Emergency HVAC Repair for These Situations

As you can see, emergency HVAC repair is often for situations that can result in health and safety risks. Your household’s well-being is on the line, so emergency services are worth it.

If you’re in Conroe or Montgomery County and have an emergency HVAC situation, Luxury Air can help. We provide emergency and same-day HVAC services, including repairs and tune-ups. Connect with us now, and we’ll be on the way as soon as you need us to!

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