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Keep Up With Your Heating System

It’s important to maintain your home’s heating system during winter when you need it the most. A functional heater will keep the temperature indoors warm at all times of the day. Similar to other house appliances, heaters require attention on a yearly basis.

To check for a broken furnace, try adjusting the thermostat and see whether any hot air is radiating out of the vents. Sometimes, a thermostat’s readings are inaccurate, caused by the dust collecting inside the device. Otherwise, go examine the inside of the furnace in case the circuit breaker is in the off position. Also, look for signs of burn marks and obstruction in the pipes.

Hire Help or Do It Yourself

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your heater on a set schedule. This includes taking out the major components of your heater as well as changing the air filter. For a forced-air heating system, the ductwork and registers may need some cleaning too. Hydronic heating systems operate using manual and automatic valves to control water flow. Homeowners can change the water pressure and temperature to see if any leaks have sprung out of the pipes and valves.

If you suspect that your heater is functioning poorly, and you honestly can’t figure out what’s wrong, then you should call up a certified professional to inspect your heating system to identify the source of the problem. Of course, maintenance procedures will vary depending on what type of heating system you own. The two most common furnaces are forced-air and hydronic heating systems.

Contact the Experts

Are you looking to find a reputable maintenance team to fix your heater? Then, Luxury Air can take care of your furnace and heat pump. They have a number of NATE-certified technicians to inspect existing equipment and decide on a reasonable budget for all your repairs from air filters to outdoor units. For more information, call Luxury Air to hear about their preventative maintenance services. Let’s chat (936) 247-2530

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