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If you live in Montgomery County, Texas, autumn is the best time of year for an air conditioner tune-up. You’ve used your AC all summer long and are finally getting ready to switch over to heat. Experts recommend that you invest in regular HVAC maintenance, and there’s simply no better time of year to call a technician and schedule a service. Good news, we have some serious savings right now!

Increase Your Heater’s Efficiency

Keeping your HVAC well maintained is crucial for saving money on energy. As you use your AC all summer long, dirt and debris build-up in the ductwork and filters. It’s a good idea to address these issues before switching over to heat. Not only will your heater work more efficiently, but the quality of airflow throughout your home will be much more pleasant, resulting in a cozier home this winter.

Catch Problems Before They Result in Bigger Issues

Preventative maintenance is important because it gives technicians the chance to spot underlying issues that may not be obvious to the homeowner. If the homeowner continually opts out of regular tune-ups, some issues could fester for several seasons before being found, which could result in the entire HVAC system having to be replaced. Scheduling regular maintenance service is a much more economical option than coming up with the funds to replace an entire system. Nobody wants to deal with an emergency HVAC replacement in the best of weather, let alone in the dead of winter.

Enjoy Improved Indoor Air Quality

Using a good air filter can drastically improve your home’s indoor air quality, so it’s a good idea to change filters this time of year to ensure proper air quality all winter long. A service technician can help you choose between the different types of HVAC filters, but you want to aim for a quality filter that has a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 8 to 12. High-efficiency filters can remove as much as 85 percent of your home’s air pollutants, making them a smart investment in your family’s health.

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