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Most Efficient Way To Use A Heat Pump

You probably know all the tips and tricks to stay cool in a Texas summer and keep your air conditioning running efficiently. No one likes a high electricity bill in the hottest part of the year. Did you know you can keep your heating running efficiently and lower your bills in the winter, too?

With a few tips and a little professional help, you can stay warm this winter without running your heater non-stop or paying astronomical heating bills.

Easy Things You Can Do Around Your Home

  • Clean or change your filters monthly. The dirtier the filter, the harder your heater has to work.
  • Use your fireplace sparingly. It may be great on romantic winter nights to set the mood, but the reality is that all the warm air in the room leaves through the chimney.
  • Use your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are great year-round to keep air moving, and in the winter, the clockwise motion will keep the heat inside your rooms.
  • Move furniture, plants, and any clutter that blocks the air vents.

Spend a Little to Save a Lot on Heating Costs

  • Purchase a humidifier. It will add moisture to the air, making you feel warmer and allowing you to turn down your heater a bit.
  • Seal cracks around windows and doors to prevent cold air from getting in.
  • Consider adding foam insulation pads behind switch plates and electrical outlets in each room. Warm air can escape from even these small holes in your home.
  • Schedule an annual furnace inspection or a yearly maintenance check of your heating unit. A qualified technician will come and make sure your furnace or system is in proper working condition. The cost for a checkup or inspection is much less than an emergency repair on the coldest night of winter.

Every small or big thing you can do all adds up to one thing: a heater that works better without killing your energy bills this winter. If you need a maintenance check or you’re ready to upgrade your existing unit, contact us at Luxury Air A/C at (936) 247-2530.


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