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Maximize your Conroe, Texas, home’s energy-savings this winter by taking advantage of your programmable thermostat. Instead of leaving the house at the same temperature for months on end, use all those hours you spend at work to your advantage by setting your thermostat lower during the day.

While You’re Home

The temperature that best combines energy-efficiency and comfort in winter is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re used to a warmer house, this temperature may feel cold at first. Instead of turning up the heat when you get chilly, try adding another layer of clothing, snuggling into a blanket, or drinking a hot beverage to warm you up. Program your thermostat to start heating the house to 68 degrees between half an hour to an hour before you get home from work, so the house is warm when you arrive.

When You’re Away

Reducing the thermostat by 8 or 10 degrees while you’re out of the house is a big energy-saver. That means your thermostat should be set between 58 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit while you’re gone. Set the thermostat to start cooling down the house about half an hour before you leave; the temperature won’t drop fast enough for you to feel it, and it’ll help save some energy.

During the Night

Another great way to use your programmable thermostat to save you money in winter is to adjust your nightly temperature schedule. Many people find that adding blankets and down comforters to the bed in winter is enough to stay warm and that keeping the house cooler during sleep hours saves additional money. The same workday cool setting will work for the night, so set it to change when you typically go to bed. Set it to start warming up the house half an hour to an hour before you get up each morning.

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