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AC maintenance is critical. You don’t want to have your system fail when you need it the most. There is much debating on when is the right time for maintenance. Well, there is no specific answer because there are many factors that should be considered.

Manufacturers Recommendations

Most AC manufacturers recommend having a certified specialist check your system once a year. This is commonly referred to as AC or furnace maintenance.

Standard maintenance is the most cost-effective way to maintain your heating and cooling system. Failure to get this done results in significant financial losses regarding repairs and parts purchase and increased utility bills.

When do you use your AC unit the most?

When are you likely to use your AC most? Most systems are used for warming the house in winter and cooling the house in the summer. Therefore, it is wise to have it maintained at the onset of fall before temperatures start plummeting. Also, air conditioning maintenance should be done as spring begins. You will need your AC when temperatures rise.

Do You Have an HVAC System?

For those who have an HVAC system the right time for maintenance depends on when you need it most depending on the most extreme season in your state or region. When are you likely to run your system for long hours? If you intend to use it in summer, then do maintenance in spring, but if you will need it most in winter, then fall is a perfect time.

Why is it Important to Have AC Maintenance Done?

When an AC or HVAC is operational, it accumulates dirt and dust. These parties reduce its efficiency since it tampers with condensing coils and blocks air filters. Studies show that if not checked and maintained, your system loses efficiency at the rate of 5% a year. Consequently, your home temperature remains poorly regulated and the system consumes more energy than before. If you notice increased energy bill, it is a reminder to contact maintenance team.

Prevention is better than repairs when it comes to AC maintenance. It is also prudent to rely on certified technicians. Contact us here at Luxury Air AC & Heating for services today. Call us now (936) 247-2530

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