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Staying Cool Without Breaking the Bank: What Is the Best AC Temperature for Summer?

Summertime in southern Texas brings high temperatures and lots of humidity. If you live here, you know the importance of keeping your house cool with a well-running air conditioning system.

You also know that keeping a house cool all summer long can be costly. According to some experts, energy usage and costs in Texas peak in July and August.

So how can you find a happy medium between a cool house and a reasonable energy bill? Knowing the optimal AC temperature for your home during the day, as well as at night is the best way to achieve comfort and save money.

Learn the ideal AC temperature in summer for your unit by reading below.

Daytime AC Temperature

According to the Department of Energy, the ideal ac temperature in your home during the summer is 78 degrees, if you want to cut energy costs.

This may be too warm for you, so experiment with taking the temperature down by one or two degrees. Remember, though, the lower you go, the more energy you use.

If you have ceiling fans, run them in occupied rooms, making sure the blades are turning counter-clockwise for optimum cooling. This will bring your house temperature down while the thermostat is higher, using less energy.

Nighttime AC Temperature

Since you’ll be sleeping at night, raising the AC to 80 degrees or even higher, and using little to no bedcovers is a great way to save money. Again, a ceiling fan will help keep you cool for less.

If possible, open your windows, rather than use the air conditioning for the night.

Some sleep experts say that the best temperature for sleeping is much cooler, say, closer to 65 degrees. Again, achieving this temp with your AC will cost you more, but maybe is the best or only option for you.

AC Temperature When You’re Away

Set your air conditioning unit temperature up anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees higher when you’re not going to be home for several hours. While this may sound extreme, it will save you in energy costs.

Given the range of temperatures for the day, night, and unoccupied times in your home, a programmable thermostat is a must. You can set this type of thermostat to change temps according to your schedule, so you don’t have to remember to do it yourself.

Keep up With Routine Maintenance

Even in intense weather conditions like summer in the South, your AC unit should always run smoothly IF you have kept up with routine maintenance.

Things you can do yourself: change the air filter in your unit monthly, keep debris away from the outside unit, and keep all vents inside the house clear.

Setting up a routine maintenance plan with a reputable AC company is a smart idea in extremely hot places, where AC units usually have shorter life-spans. The AC experts will clean, inspect, and recommend repairs on the unit that can not only extend its life but keep your energy bills low, too.

Air Conditioning Experts in Montgomery County

If you reside in or around Mongomery County in Texas, call us today to schedule maintenance, repair, or assessment of your AC unit. We can fix any problems, recommend and install a new unit, and advise you on the best temperature for your AC. We can help you save money and stay cool all summer long!

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