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Dirty evaporator coils can cause numerous problems and cost you money, especially in the late summer of Conroe, Texas, after the A/C has been running all season. Because of this, you will need to keep an eye out for the following problems typically associated with dirty coils and either attempt to clean them yourself or—even better—contact a professional.

1. High Indoor Humidity

Thanks to the evaporator, air conditioners pull humidity out of the air and recirculate purified air that’s pleasant to breathe and makes your home feel comfortable. Whenever you have an issue with dirty evaporator coils, indoor humidity can’t be addressed as efficiently. Try purchasing a foaming coil cleaner from a home improvement store to spray directly on the coils when the A/C is running. If that doesn’t work, avoid brushing or using high-pressure air on the coils, since those techniques can damage them. Your best bet at that point is to call a technician.

2. Low Airflow

If your A/C doesn’t seem to be providing the same level of cooling it did at the start of the summer, there’s a good chance that dirty evaporator coils are to blame. In extreme cases, dirty coils can lead to ice or frost build-up on both the refrigerant lines and the coils themselves. Although you can turn off your air conditioner in order to give the coils a chance to thaw, it’s important to also have a professional come out and look into the issue.

3. Increased Energy Bills

When your air conditioner has a dirty evaporator coil, it has to work a lot harder to maintain the same temperature levels you enjoyed earlier in the season. This translates to increased energy bills, which can be a huge headache as you’re getting ready to switch over to heating at the end of summer. A professional coil cleaning can take up to 6 hours to complete, but it’s worth the time.

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